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Victoria Offices


Finding offices in London whether you are renting or buying can be a tricky task due to how immensely populated the city is. Teacher Marks has built valuable relationships with the majority of major landlords and tenants in the area which means that we can provide a professional and speedy service which makes looking for offices in Victoria, London easier for you.

Situated between Green Park and Buckingham Palace, offices in Victoria are always in demand which means that leasing and furnishing costs can be high. Teacher Marks can help to ensure that you get the offices most suited to your needs and which are within your budget. A practical work space should be a top priority for all employers as it has been revealed that employees who are pleased with their physical workspaces are 31 percent more likely to be satisfied with their jobs than those who weren't happy.

One of the main things that attracts businesses to have offices in Victoria is Victoria Station which serves the vast majority of commuters in the surrounding area. This means that transportation is quick and easy which is a major benefit for any company and their employees. The fact that the area is also close to the Thames, St James's Park, Westminster Cathedral and Buckingham Palace are also major positives about the area. There are also many shops and restaurants close by which is appealing to employers, employees and customers. Having offices in Victoria would be ideal as a study of IBM mobile employees found that through space design, 52 percent could work more effectively and around 66 percent felt more satisfied with their jobs.

Due to recent major developments more and more corporate offices in Victoria have been provided. Many companies from Mayfair and St James's have since been attracted to the area as they can still enjoy the exclusivity of being located within London yet rents remain lower here than they do in the West End. Victoria offers one of the best selections of budget and mid - range office space in Central London so it's hardly surprising that it's so popular.

Shockingly, the physical workspace would impact 41 percent of employees and job seekers to accept a position. Teacher Marks is a successful practice of surveyors specialising in all aspects of Central London offices and can help ensure that your offices create an impression for all the right reasons. With over 30 years of experience we can provide you with specialist and comprehensive advice about purchasing offices in the central London office market.